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Star is a lop rabbit who came to us in quite a bad way, he had previously been living in a hutch that had been put in a shed, it was covered in maggots and was filthy, his previous owners had just got a puppy so he was relegated to the shed and forgotten about. Luckily he was rescued by a kind neighbour who could see that star as he is now called wasn't being looked after properly and then got in touch with us who took him in.

Star is a lovely friendly rabbit and came on in leaps and bounds, he was vaccinated and neutered and reached a healthy weight and was put up for adoption. 

Unfortunately we noticed that star had lost some of his muscle in his face, so he was rushed to the vets, we were told to keep him inside and keep an eye on him which we did. He was otherwise normal but a week later he had a seizure and his health quickly deteriorated, he had X-rays and investgations and it was discovered that he probably has a tumour or mass, he had severe head tilt and was put on a lot of different types of medications to try and improve his symptoms. During this time Star could only see out of one eye and his sight gradually deteriorated in his good eye as well.

2 months later and he is a lot better, he can now see out of both eyes, his head tilt has resolved but he will always have the muscle wastage on his face and is at risk of further seizures and will always be on medication but he will have a permanent home here at the rescue with us.

Star's new enclosure


Snowball came to us very close to death.


He hadn't had any water or food in days and hadn't been cleaned out in weeks, his owner did the right thing in surrending him to us. Now he is a ball of energy and one of the most loving rabbits we have here. He wil always have a home here with us, and we are very much looking forward to seeing him grow and enjoying a happy life. 

These are pics of him on his first night with us ......

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