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Our Success Stories

Anybody who works in rescue, will know that you have good and bad days, and some days you feel like completely giving up on it all. Finding good forever homes for our rabbits is our main aim, but that isn't easy. See below a few of our success stories, they are the reason we carry on ...


Buttons was with us for nearly 2 years and has now gone to her forever home with her husbun.


Florence was with us for about 6 months and has now gone to her new forever home and has been successfully bonded with a buck.


Buttons was with us for about 18 months, she was overlooked by many as she is quite a large rabbit but has now really landed on her feet with her new owner, and husbun. They share a whole room together and also have an outdoor run for exercise.


Trixie had been with us for nearly 2 years and was rehomed in October 2016 and was bonded with a buck and they now share an outhouse together with free supervised roam of their owners garden.


Nibbles had been with us nearly a year and came to us as her previous owner was moving away and couldn't take her with her. She has now gone to a brand new home and has now got a handsome husbun; Casper, she also has a new name and is now known as Mitzi. We wish them the best of luck for the future and we are very glad we have found her such a great home.

Tom and Dave

Tom and Dave weren't with us very long and have found a lovely home. Here is a picture of them settling in.


Patch was only with us for a few weeks and has completely landed on his feet now, he is a house rabbit so isn't caged which is exactly what he needs. He has settled so well and we are looking forward to further updates.

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