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Thinking of Adopting?

Did you know that 60% of rabbits entering rescue centres are owned for less than a year.

Get rabbit-wise before you commit:

  • Rabbits can live for 10 years or more.


  • They will need vaccinating every year against myxomatosis and VHD1 & 2.


  • They will need neutering or spaying if this hasn't already been done.


  • Rabbits prefer to live in pairs or groups but all must be neutered/spayed.


  • Longhaired rabbits like lionheads and angora require regular brushing, which could need doing as much as every day. 

  • Rabbits need a big enough enclosure so that they can stretch up and hop at least 3 times from end to end (this is the bare minimum) and also need a large area to exercise in. 


  • They also need toys to keep them entertained for when they are on their own and also need chew toys to help keep their teeth down.

  • Rabbits are not the ideal pet for young children so please think twice before buying a rabbit for your child. Rabbits may look cute and fluffy but they can bite and scratch like any animal. 

Guinea pig facts

  • Guinea pigs typically live for 5-6 years.

  • Guinea pigs are active for about 20 hours a day, so will also need enrichment in their accommodation, but unlike rabbits they are not naturally climbers so you must make sure that they can't fall off of anything.

  • Guinea pigs prefer company and like to live in either pairs or groups. 

  • Guinea pigs as well as a rabbits diet should consist of mostly good quality hay, with a handful of daily fresh vegetables and supplemented with a small amount of good quality pellets. 

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